As a student I feel that all future nurses would benefit greatly by adhering to the 6 Cs. Commitment and courage are essential when approaching diagnosis, as healthcare professionals need to be able to inform those involved about the diagnosis in a way, which is professional and informative NMC, One of these recommendations were that nurses, midwives and care staff, as well as stakeholders at national and organisational level, implement plans to support the delivery of the values and behaviours of the 6Cs defined as care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment Department of Health, Children under sixteen may be competent to give valid consent to a particular intervention if they have sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable them to understand fully what is proposed, this is known as Gillick competence DOH, Kind regards Dee Link to this comment Reply. Comment by rtunmore posted on on 10 December It is essential that the 6Cs are firmly embedded into the culture and foundations of any healthcare professionals or indeed any person that is involved in the Multidisciplinary team and support network.

Orthapedic surgeons help the child with problems with bones, muscles, tendons, nerves or joints Ganjwala, The 6Cs should be seen as anchor points with which to cross-check the work we do and the initiatives and policies we develop and to ensure they are aligned to those values and behaviours we all recognise and hold dear but that modern life sometimes means we can take our eye off. It is essential that the 6Cs are firmly embedded into the culture and foundations of any healthcare professionals or indeed any person that is involved in the Multidisciplinary team and support network. Comment by nwaterman posted on on 18 October Miller drew upon the difficulty, faced by parents, of choosing the right school for a child with CP Miller et al,

Communication, between paediatricians to the adult-oriented health care services, need nursiing be efficient and sufficient enough to support the person during this transition NMC, Comment by Cyril posted on on 16 September essxy If a child under the age of sixteen lacks the capacity to consent, consent can be given on their behalf, by any one person with parental responsibility or by the court The DOH, I am a first year adult nursing student and I am just about to embark on an essay about the the 6Cs of healthcare and I would greatly appreciate any help that you could give me with this ie articles, websites and such.


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Link to this comment Reply. Comment by nwaterman posted on on 18 October Dear Cyril Thank you for taking the time to comment. It has been an amazing way of networking, raising awareness and showcasing some powerful examples of practice, both good and bad.

6cs of nursing essay

As a student I feel that all future nurses would benefit greatly by adhering to the 6 Cs. Challenges caused by CP are not limited to childhood and, in fact, challeneges in adulthood are unavoidable.

6cs of nursing essay

I have been on some fantastic visits to see you work from clinics to construction sites and hope to be invited to more interesting health-promoting places. Comment by Viv Bennett posted on on 28 September Thank you so much for your rapid and supportive response. If a child of sixteen or seventeen is incompetent to make a particular decision, then a person with parental responsibility can make that decision on their behalf, although the child should still be involved as much as possible in the decision making process as laid out by The DOH, Comment by Patrick Keady posted on on 29 September It’s very kind of you to make yourself available for conversation like this.

Loss of strength and contractures, overuse syndromes, chronic pain, fatigue, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are also prevalent in the adult CP population and are common factors in the loss of mobility, self-care, and daily performance over time Gage et al, UK blogging platform handles your information.

As to whether they are natural attributes — people have different views and perhaps essqy thoughts on each of the 6Cs — so for instance we can definitely teach competence essah communication skills but this needs to be based on values nursingg care and compassion. Comment by rtunmore posted on on 09 January Hello Dee – the links are all available through Viv’s Blog http: Thank you for the post. For patients to have the capacity to make decisions, they must be able to; comprehend and retain information to the decision, especially consequences of having or not having the intervention and use and weigh this information in the decision making process The DOH, Parents will be required to jursing an educated decision of which school is more appropriate: The MDT must communicate effectively, be decisive and courageous in their decisions and offer informative and honest advice to families nursig in the car of any child or adult suffering from the disease.


Thank you very muchI have printed off the Compassion in Practice and will use to source my essay It is through this work that we hope to make an impact in the areas you raise and through the support of experienced nurses and midwives who can call upon the values and behaviours that attracted them into the profession to guide and influence their colleagues.

It is the opinion of Nieuwenhuijsen et al, that all of the above, in addition to, speech and language therapists, neurologists and dieticians should be involved in the MDT support network.

The resulting anger at medical staff due to concerns of poor treatment can lead to difficulties in accepting abnormal motherhood and the inability to fulfil societal expectations of what is perceived as a healthy child.

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The ability to consent to changes throughout the life of a person with CP can differ throughout the different stages of 6cz life. Welcome to the exciting world of blogging, Viv, and I look forward to following developments here. Some children may also still have problems with speech and language and may feel isolated. Children with severe motor disabilities may experience a sense of loss at their inability to mix with other children and may withdraw and act out Miller et al, If you would like to contribute, here is the link to more information and a place to post your comments.

If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish essag have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal:. It is this combination of people and beliefs that will ultimately enable the correct care, compassion, commitment, competence, communication and courage to be implemented at every stage of life for a person with CP.

Reddihough et al, indicated that those with CP have lower educational level, higher unemployment, are more likely to be living with parents, be single, and have limited financial resources.