The findings of a qualitative study with more than 75 designers show amongst other findings, that designers have already internalized the concept of remixing and apply it in various contexts, even beyond the platform. Impact of build envelope on the properties of additive manufactured parts from AlSi10Mg In: Evaporation pheanomena during selective electron beam melting and theri influence on material properties Additive manufacturing of components is a key technology of the future. Process specific catalyst supports-Selective electron beam melted cellular metal structures coated with microporous carbon In: Compression-compression fatigue of selective electron beam melted cellular titanium Ti-6Al-4V In: Technologie, Markt und Innovation Additive Manufacturing:

Fundamental understanding of a new and innovative process combining sheet metal forming with additive manufacturing is the main goal of this research work. Schweissen und Schneiden , p. Evaporation leads to material loss, has influence on the melt pool dynamics and changes the alloy composition. Procedia Computer Science 18 , p. September Open Access:

Contact Imprint Sitemap Deutsch. We use combinatorial methods for the development of new alloys that allow the creation of large material libraries based on thermodynamic predictions. Selective electron beam melting of a copper-chrome powder additivr In: Target oriented material development has to be based on a profound understanding of process-inherent mechanisms.

The thesis starts by introducing the main aspects of the technology, to fertiyung a common understanding, which is key for understanding the dissertation. The main challenge of this project is to develop innovative processing strategies based on a sound theoretical process understanding in order to produce crack-free and preferably single crystalline samples, also with higher geometric complexity.



Insights gained hereby are also utilized to analyze two representatives of the branch of industry by way of example. Powder layer deposition algorithm for additive manufacturing simulations In: Commercial available EBSM machines show strong limitations with respect to the beam power, beam quality and beam control.

Simulation on the scale of the powder particles reveals phenomena which result from the complex interplay between beam, powder and melt pool.

Presently science and research focuses primarily on questions regarding materials and processes, while ignoring or missing out the discussion about economic and social fertigunv.

A conclusion that can be drawn is that the room to maneuver is extended with regard to complexity, efficiency enhancement, and variety of versions. In order to demonstrate the potential of structural catalysts we consider the methanol synthesis.

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The aim of this project is to provide a numerical tool for mesoscopic simulation of selective beam melting and to use it to develop innovative process strategies. The resulting machine is equipped with a 6 kW electron beam gun and a backscattering electron detector for process monitoring. Diverse business models of the additive manufacturing are depicted and explained systematically.

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Pressure drop measurements and modeling of an ideal tetrakaidecahedra packing In: Subsequent diverse business models out of the additive manufacturing context are systematically visualized and elucidated. Rapid Prototyping Addjtive 18p. However, not focusing on the technology itself but on the hobbyist users reveals new insights on underlying innovation processes.

dissertation additive fertigung

Materials 8p. Advanced Materials 23p. Effect of heat treatment on the high temperature fatigue life of single crystalline nickel base superalloy additively manufactured by means of selective electron beam melting In: In a further step, a method of 3D simulation of the grain structure in the selective beam melting of metals is implemented, in order to predict the texture of the materials as a function of process strategy.


Impact of hot isostatic pressing on microstructures of CMSX-4 Ni-base superalloy fabricated by selective electron beam melting In: Team Zongwen Fu, Dr.

Chemical Engineering Journalp. Acta Biomaterialia 4p.

Marco Andreas Dissertatiob Wirth. An additional contribution that extends previous research on innovation processes is the identification and description of six different remix processes that can be differentiated by means of the features skill level, trigger and motivation. Project B2 explores selective electron beam melting, which belongs to the additive manufacturing technologies, for the processing of single-crystalline superalloys.

dissertation additive fertigung

Advanced Engineering Materials 17p. Layer manufacturing is the basic principle of the production process of all additive manufactured objects.

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We are investigating mechanical metamaterials manufactured by SEBM. Advanced Engineering Materials 9p. The main task was the modeling of the entire build process with its different time scales pre-heating, melting, applying new powder layer.