Rice for Asians, bread for Westerners. Registration Forgot your password? Go for wholegrain food. If you bake a cake, the outside becomes brown because of the sugar? I will justify each key factor that I have thought about, therefore ensuring that the key factor is indeed relevant to the task. By right the recipes you chose for your decision making is depended on your research etc etc etc.

Staple food, Affordable for most people. Variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, nyonya kuihs. Different cuisine local ethnic flavours cultural e. Maybe you can take some buffet menu and include in your research, from there choose what u want to cook. Published by Rosa Swinford Modified over 4 years ago. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

We think you have liked this presentation. I got past through my priorities list, but know i don’t really know what recipes to choose for my decision making.

[URGENT] Food & Nutrition O level coursework

Investigate effect of heat on cereals: Physical activities, Maintain body temperature, Metabolic reactions, Basal metabolism for bodily processes such as breathing, heartbeat, Growth.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Our group has came up with a coursework question accompanied with suggested solution for the task analysis. RDA g carbohydrate Definition for people of all ages: Adding apple juice will also make it nutritious.


f&n o level coursework sample

Auth with social network: When i go eat buffet, i prefer to see dish like pineapple fried rice instead of normal fried rice. Varied and interesting results means u must make it interesting, wample just cook maggi noodle put there. Means what ever you researched, u must have a way to link it back to the question.

f&n o level coursework sample

Ideas and concepts are organized in a systematic manner 3. Stir-frying, Deep-frying Microwave Investigate effect of heat on cereals: I believe she is trying to say if you do it to easily eg only one or two cooking methodyou wont get high marks.

Explanations and priorities show that you are clear of the task requirement 5.

[URGENT] Food & Nutrition O level coursework

Cream of chicken soup Appetisers: My teacher says that the dish couldn’t be too easy or else i wouldn’t get high mark so i don really know what counts as hard or easy. Cos adding pineapple will make it more colourfulsweetpineapple is also nutritious your research can add in what nutrients pineapple have. Table setting Ways to make dishes appealing 1. As mention earlier, there are 6 main components that they need to complete i.

Then maybe what you would do next is to actually go and visit some ocursework these fast food restaurants to actually count the number of people that visit the fast food restaurant between 12 — 2pm. Interesting and appealing in terms of texture, flavour, smell or appearance Ways to make dishes interesting 1.


f&n o level coursework sample

A wide levep of dishes can be churned out from cereal based food. Meaning only one coursework? Include your objectives and rationale for each step that you take.

Variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, local cakes Particular group of people Groups of people. Go for wholegrain food. Sweet and sour will make the dish sweet.

What Answers to ‘What? Remember to make it nutritious, maybe add in raisins or cut fruits etc. Examples of cereals and cereal products consumed in diet: Buffet also got drinks. Can be consumed whole as rice grains or oats.

Important source of energy for people of all ages Nutrient in cereals that contribute to source of energy: