February 17, at 3: So could social media, perhaps, the chain that connects more people to national interests. Cutting out all the middlemen, the discussion went like this:. The opening sequence of London Has Fallen briefly mentions the SAF 44 with the antagonist of the film having links to the incident. He explained that the fighters were not shooting at SAF troopers but at years of oppression. Whichever way you cut it Abnoy thumbed down the chance to save the He has people under him that are specifically trained to perform that function and it would be inappropriate for him to tell them how to do their jobs.

I am so disappointed at him. My first inclination was to argue about that, but as I reflected on it, I do agree that there is missing some point of commonality among the diverse segments that make up the Philippines. Americans can use drones and bomb Marwan if they wanted to. Sounds suspiciously unethical to me. Our officer corps has a lot of pride and will not let officers of another country, even the US to order our troops around.

Their failure to stop the shooting requires thorough investigation. Those obsessing about President Aquino have very disturbing political motives.

FDLS Online Magazine: Reaction Paper : Mamasapano, Maguindanao Massacre (Fallen 44)

Retrieved March 11, And if I do so, it will — admittedly — be a separate peace. The President would seem even more compassion-less and rude to boot. That skill is what makes Filipinos good OFWs and good call center agents. Poor private got an order from Commanders, from Generals and from Commander in Chief. Ecnounter high-trust societies it tends to be the institution that is trusted, and expected to keep the individuals in line.


And we must add the peacekeepers who could not keep the peace when it was needed most.

That says, in order, Santiago, Duterte, Cayetano. It is situated in the infamous SPMS Salbu-Pagatin-Mamasapano-Shariff Aguak Box where actors and factors converge to create a unique dynamics that demands strict adherence to coordination.

Lunatic, money grubbing political priests seething in anger. Or, maybe there is the getting sensitized to PNoy coming across and looking for history and context of action and follow-thru. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Lessons from Mamasapano

How much better that we respect the institutions and grant the dude some wiggle room to have a personality. Yes, Villegas mamasapaon sure knows how to drive the Church into irrelevance. The idea that a former president would lead an attempt to unseat a duly elected president.

mamasapano encounter essay

They should be the cream of the crop but they act like a bunch of morons. My guess is not many. Mama said that there is no distinction between BIFF members and members of Guma’s unit and claims that all of them are either relatives or friends of each other.

mamasapano encounter essay

Believe me, the President is more serious about his job than all the political players screaming for blood. Please like, share or tweet if you like this post. Policemen across the regions also offered Mass, flowers, and lighted candles in front of their police stations to honor their slain colleagues. Much parsing to be accomplished. Retrieved February 9, Whom would you trust among the top guys in the Philippines now?

The Armed Forces of the Philippines also conducted a rescue operation to save the remaining 29 SAF survivors who were encircled by the enemies. The rebels deny of knowing about the SAF’s operation and the uniform is not familiar to them as the spokesperson said – that is why they are forced to fight. My own answer is that it is rather futile and destructive to be washing the national laundry so shrilly in the tabloid press, and I figure that people ought to summon up a little more humility, a little more inward looking accountability, learn and move on without ripping the nation to shreds.


Mamasapano clash – Wikipedia

Why in the world droning out Marwan a violation of sovereignty when the Filipinos gave up their sovereignty to Chinese Forensic Experts to investigate Chinese Massacre?

Tanong ko lang — Payag ka ba na ipadala sa Mindanao ang asawa mo, anak mo, kamag-anak o matalik na kaibigan para sa walang katapusan digmaan sa Mindanao? Aquino, as he sees the election slipping away. Because I am a finger-pointer myself — and I am very inclined right now to point the finger at culture and religion. They felt it would endanger the mission, and they had something to prove. I am not in favor of the BBL but if you as the President thinks this is the right way then you must conduct this kind of planned actions.

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mamasapano encounter essay

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