His research is largely situated within discourse studies and focuses mainly on the journali- stic representation of populist radical right and nationalist parties, the commu- nication of those parties, and their relations with expressive culture. It follows a different path. The workshops should also occupy more time in the programme in the eyes of most of the participants. Knudsen describes it as a two-sided field, dealing with the attributes of both agenda setting and framing theory, demanding the integration of different approaches in media effects research. In addition, everybody uses phones or mobile phones and similar devices for mediated interpersonal communication — in Germany, for example, even the referees are connected by walkie-talkies. Although somewhat different, similar differences are the result when we look at media use and the mediatisation process in a family, or if we compare the use and role of media in religious communities with the world of computer games — some include mediated and media related communications, others depend more or less totally on media and thus may be called mediatized.

Moreover, feedback is always multi-voiced: Certainly politics today cannot be conducted without media. Rather, their in- terest and their participation is particularly directed into specific areas of life, and these interests motivate them to explore and use new or changing media. Yet as surveys repeatedly show, they remain a small minority, with most youth viewing but rarely creating, downloading not uploading, following rather than setting the trend e. Journal of media and communica- tion research 29 I will talk briefly about three areas popular culture, religion and art , and then in a little more detail about the case of politics. But the Summer School also wants to remain respectful towards the localized context in which it operates, at the urban and national level of the hosting city, avoiding disconnections with civil society, business and state.

Outline of the theory of structuration. New Developments in an Enlarged Europe. Set against them, mediatization research is clearly distinctive. Rather — and recalling the anxieties of the risk society popularly catalysed by the combination of youth, technology and change — it was the risk and safety agenda that got us in.

So, rather like when they were all together in school, Méthodoloige is a place where everyone is together. This came in part from the young people, their families and teachers, and for good reason given their perceptions of the risks surrounding them.

This, for example, is also shown by the impressing empirical studies of Maria Bacardjevawho very carefully accompanied people in their first steps in the internet—and showed that usually people are not interested in the net, but in specific intentions and purposes.


Hence, patterns of communication and interaction began to change in profound and irreversible ways, Thompson argues. However, the Scream has been much more radically transformed, in posters, advertisements and adaptations — most famously the Scream has been echoed and twisted by Andy Warhol.

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Reacting to the growing economic pressure and imminent casualization of academic labour at many European universities, Francois Heinderyckx ULB addresses the changing working conditions and expectations e.

Hence, an understanding of mediatization as the ongoing mediatization of different social worlds in different ways, as shown for the world of football and the new world of computer gaming, may be helpful to describe and to understand mediatization.

This book focuses on the role of media within this cultural and societal configuration, promoting a dialogue between different ap- proaches that aim to analyse the interrelated transformations and stabilities of communication and media, as well as of society and culture.

Her current research is concerned with the relationship between crisis and social critique, investigating historical forms of media participation that emerged in the dissertatipn of the current and previous economic crises.

Andreas Hepp was the local director of the Summer School, Leif Kramp the local organizer, both supported by the international director Nico Carpen- tier. But this cannot be assumed, and it is open to resist- ance and challenge, as well as complex variations and unevenness. How would we define that different path? This is beacuse the usual knowledge, habits and interests of people become central for the analysis of media, cultural and social change.

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In addition, and as is well known, nearly all important industries, all economic branches, and all enterprises collect and analyze all the data on people they can get, and the above mentioned internet giants together with the secret services try to méthodologis whatever happens in the whole net. The chapters cover relevant research topics, structured into four sections: If we find out how these developments work in different social worlds, our results can be ordered theoretically.

The necessity of a transmedia perspective within medi-atiza- tion research If we follow the recent discussions about mediatization, one argument is strik- ing: We are simply too embedded in present developments to attain the wisdom that hindsight will one day bring.

In such a situation, the mediatization approach offers four helpful basic ideas. Why does mediatization research matter, and to which types of media and communications researchers in particular?


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In addition it is evident that this social world is a mediatized world, as the computer games themselves need digital media, and most activities of the members of this world are communicated by digital media. These are often riskier, parental anxieties are rising again, new companies stand to make money, but young people are having fun — the new sites are edgy again, social networking is more experimental, identities can be remixed, and new kinds of reflexivity about the project of the self have become possible.

méthodologie dissertation celsa

The scholars involved in the Summer School In41 doctoral students participated in the European Media and Commu- nication Doctoral Summer School, originating from 20 countries: Bertrand Cabedoche U Stendhal-Grenoble 3 argues that textual or content analysis does not suffice for the investigation of tactical and strategic con- siderations cflsa social actors, especially when it comes to the concept of cultural diversity.

Media-related capital and skills are now always instrumental in politics, but how this works out depends on complex and varied feedback-loops.

méthodologie dissertation celsa

From a Social Worlds Perspective to the Analysis of Mediatized Worlds 75 Families and households may be analyzed as social worlds, but also enter- prises and departments of a university or fan communities of music styles or sports disciplines.

Of course, this cannot be discussed in more detail here. The more complex, refined and intricate the phenomenon, and the greater the training required for its use, the more profoundly it changes in the culture of infiltration, Sorokin explains It is also useful if we want to understand the changing forms of cultural and social life by changing forms of media Krotz, a.

The claims of radical reform movements, including that of connected learning, remain unproven, making it risky to place too much hope in them. This is the reason why in the following we refer to the concept of so- cial worlds. This is what we call the meta process of mediatization, and sub-processes of this overall process may be observed in everyday life, thinking, knowledge, learning, growing up, social relations, political participation, economy, and so on: