Both these poems are to do with life and yet both looked at different parts of it. The expression of those ideas only works on the level it does because of the way each line of the poem flows into the other. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Lord of the Flies Essay. It also indicates uncertainty and the audience are made to understand that the orator will continue to move between the two cultures, whether he understands them or not. This relates to the idea that the Western society is too complex for the speaker to handle and, thus, with everything that is happening at once, the speaker cannot handle it. This technique gives a lyric type tone to the poem, aiming on the reflection of the speaker’s experiences and how different and complex life has become.

How about getting full access immediately? There is no such definitive thing as a panther, and the cats that generally are described as such live in the Americas NOT Africa. I throw my hat to Gabriel okara on should fantastic brain of though. Okara has always inspired me likewise the great Christopher Okigbo. This negative image expresses to the readers that the piano is miserable and suppressed. Despite the primitiveness and rawness, the speaker reminisces on his childhood and the security of being with his mother. There are essentially three parts to each one.

piano and drums by gabriel okara essay

Moreover, Gabrieel uses a flashback which seems to have an effect of once more showing his reaction to the drums, as he recalls the younger days of the Africans and their lives which were enhanced by the beauty of their country. The poem draw my mind to the religions too, the Okzra and Christianity. Just after the reference to the heart with the green leaves, the roles switch and this time the flowers are pulsing.

piano and drums by gabriel okara essay

Heaney’s Poem Follower Essay. This can be seen as power to Orlando due to the fact he is young and handsome. By personifying the heart, it makes it come alive and truly connects to life esssy shows the primary concern for the Africans — survival. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.


Piano and Drums Poem Analysis Essay

The piano which is shown in the next two stanzas contrasts from the drum as it is separate from him, external, such as education and sophistication. The use of sound helps to develop the images, but to also express musically, the emotions he feels in regard to then two contrasting cultures.

This image of a mother feeding her young is extremely naturalistic and shows okarz ingenuousness of African life as well as the simplistic way of life. Compare and Contrast “Frankenstein” and “The Dead”.

Poetry: “Piano and Drums” by Gabriel Okara | Tall Tales & Tumbleweed

Without love we can’t survive. H Lawrence Poem Analysis. This shows the negative thoughts expressed by Okara and his views on the western culture. I am doing the poem now in English Seminar in African Literature.

The stanza uses alliteration, consonances and similes to give a rhythm that is like fssay of a drum. Lord of the Flies Essay. Piano and Drums Poem Analysis. However, despite the usual thinking of sophistication being praised, the speaker, in this case, puts Western culture in a negative light which is presented through the music of the piano.

For me, I find it difficult to properly understand why the poet got confused at yb hearing of the piano. It is compared to a hysterical, loud cry which again shows the suppressed and unhappy state that it is feeling.

And the only feeling she could.

piano and drums by gabriel okara essay

essaay Thank you for analyzing the peom, and thank you to those who added additional resources, currently studing for my UTME exam coming up in March and this peom is one of the texts to be expected. Please choose the access option you need: The themes Piano and Drums is a poem which tabriel themed and created by two different and opposing culture in the poem, the pino culture and drums culture which suggested by the poet whenThe culture of drums is straight forward, and direct, and this just like the world and culture in the ancient years which before civilization.


Yet, the sense of isolation and separation is distinct in the speaker as he endures a journey through two cultures that are on opposite poles of each other. When people give one another love it gives them strength and confidence in themselves. How about receiving a customized one? Drumx expression of those ideas only works on the level it does because of the way each line of the poem flows into the other.

First, we hear the sound of the instrument.

In the poem, there is a strong contrast between the symbols shown in the title. I love ane poem because it talks about how the rhytm of the drums reminds him about his innocent days before he experienced the hectic life during the pre-colonial times.

Hi my gabtiel is shirley i personally find this poem unique and i love the interpretation there are allota facts there am a science student bt i love literature this poem is one of the reason am doin a special study on it and with every poem mostly african or novel i read it just draws me more closer n this is because of legendary and talnted writers like okara God bless u.

“Piano And Drums” By Gabriel Okara.

The poem metaphorically symbolises the Western World but more specifically the European race. The poem is basically talking of modernism against tradition…………….

As the speaker feels so close to his roots and his native land, the Western society is foreign to him and, therefore, feels far away and distant.