The module culminates in visits to two archives in Norwich — the Norfolk Record Office and the Norfolk Heritage Centre — and your summative assessed work will take the form of a study of document s from these archives. Re-reading the 20th century responds to the current reassessment of critical narratives about 20th century fiction by restoring significance to a critically awkward phase of 20th century writing. Having established this basic historical narrative, we then trace the different intellectual projects and problematics that the notion of ‘critique’ opens up, from the ‘critical theory’ of the Frankfurt school through thinkers including Althusser, Fanon, Foucault, Braidotti, and Ranciere. This course looks at original non-fiction and also at contemporary ‘realist’ novels which are pushing boundaries and gaining attention in the wider literary culture. Without it I would probably still be working nine to five in an office. There is also a strong philosophical element of the module, you will be encouraged to explore the philosophical theory of aesthetic play in Kant, Schiller, and Nietzsche, and later in Huizinga and Derrida.

If you would like to discuss your individual circumstances prior to applying please do contact us:. After a year of little progress, I was almost ready to give up. Fiction Higher education Creative writing comment. How did the transformation of material texts create new possibilities for writing and thinking? Marine Agriculture and Environmental. Unlocking The Past How can the study of dusty manuscripts lead to the creation of interactive digital mapping tools?

I imagined the reviews of my first book: Over the dissertation period, your tutor will be able to discuss your work and your ambitions for your project, so that you will be best placed to draft your work over the summer vacation.

They smiled, embarrassed, and muttered something about going home to write. The Difference Campaign Campaign News.

While you are at UEA, the focus will very much be on exploring your creative potential, in a highly supportive and well-resourced environment.


Using these enormously influential authors as a starting point, we read a range of ludic authors, passing back and forth between languages, nations, and genres. Assessment is by creative writing coursework with a critical commentary and you’ll also be expected to make presentations on topics of your choice.

We have taken a story by Coover and re-written it as a sestina, two kinds of sonnet, and a villanelle.

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Our course will lift you as a writign. You can expect your writing to be workshopped at least six times over the course of the two semesters. I could handle logistical difficulties, such as characters being in two places at once, but even mild comments such as “This paragraph feels a bit overwritten” left me feeling exposed and stupid. Course Structure This MA is a one-year full-time course, although you can take it part-time over two years.

You will submit 5, words of original fiction at the end of the autumn semester, and another 5, words at the end of the spring semester. Current Creative Writing Scholarships.

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Some of the authors that you’ll consider though this may be subject to small changes each year are: All assessed work is marked and commented upon by two members of the Creative Writing faculty, with the mark agreed between them.

Your work creaive be read and commented upon by faculty members around sixteen times writimg the course of the MA — this includes workshops, dissertation tutorials and the double-marking of assignments. After this intensive year, you will leave the course confident of technique and craft, as well as your own voice.

uea creative writing ma alumni

eua I had heard rumours about the ego fights on similar courses – how people’s work was torn apart until they gave up writing altogether. One of the great charms of this year is that you will have ample time to read and write on your own. Medical and Life Sciences.


uea creative writing ma alumni

I intended to, but my hands shook so much I had to sit on them. Amanda studied art in London and exhibited in various black art shows across the country, before moving to Cape Town, and ultimately returning to the UK to find her voice as a poet.

I tried to discover, by stealth since asking directly was terrifying, if they had read it writig were planning a last-minute skim over lunch before class. Too often, academic critical writing seems to bring pre-packaged language to ,a on works whose whole essence and aim is to change the ways in which we see and describe our world.

How does digitising globally significant medieval and early modern letters lead to donning walking gear and creating heritage trails across Norfolk? In doing all crwative, we are asking fundamental questions not only about play but also about style and form, how they shape meaning and make possible certain kinds of writing and thinking.

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Our students join us from all over the world and progress to careers across the creative industries. In play, we will find, the boundary between the ‘creative’ and the ‘critical’ becomes unclear.

W hen I first mentioned applying for a creative writing MA, a relative saved me a newspaper clipping. For your dissertation, you will write 15, words of original fiction, to be writin in September.

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sriting If that hadn’t happened, things might have turned out differently. Over the next few days I worked non-stop. Advice for Future Students. Creative Writing Activities New Writing.

The Difference Campaign Campaign News.