This has been realized using two independent voltage sources and a voltage-making switch that has been specially designed for this purpose. A key challenge in the design of the framework is the objective of making minimal assumptions about the observed behavior type while dealing with a potentially infinite number of system states. Dissertationens and habilitations Utz, Thomas: Special attention is payed to the modeling of the evaporative heat transfer in the vicinity of the moving 3-phase contact line. Im Fall des kapazitiven Schaltens beeinflusst dies lediglich auf die Erzeugung und Zuschaltung der Wiederkehrspannung. It can be a one-sided or a double-sided print. Danach wird die Performanz dieser beiden Methoden mit einer Standardmethode verglichen, die auf einer Festpunktarithmetik basiert.

Sebastian and Kurz, Prof. Volker and Smeets, Prof. Next, we present a secure and efficient implementation of the IEEE floating point standard. Design and implementation of a test environment to study late-breakdowns in high voltage vacuum circuit breakers. Zum Abschluss wird auch die praktische Machbarkeit der neu vorgestellten Techniken demonstriert. Other than most existing approaches, the proposed methodology naturally handles periodic tasks and situations where the intentions of the expert change over time. Hierdurch kann die negative Hauptauswirkungen eines Testtransformators bei der Erzeugung der Wiederkehrspannung kompensiert werden.

Thus, the main negative aspect in their generation, which arise from the use of test transformers, can be compensated. Numerical simulations provide data on small length and time scales which cannot be resolved with available measurement techniques.

ulb darmstadt dissertation

Volker and Smeets, Prof. Design and implementation of a test environment to study late-breakdowns in high voltage vacuum circuit breakers. As a consequence, the whole test environment must have a low partial discharge level to enable this detection. Within this work, the measurement systems as well as the test circuit have been commissioned disssertation tested.


Dissertationen und Habilitationen – Fluid Dynamics – Technische Universität Darmstadt

You register in TUprints, upload your file and fill in the metadata. However, one class of applications has dixsertation been touched in the past 25 years: Diese besteht zu gleichen Teilen aus Wechsel- und Gleichspannung und muss exakt im Spannungsnulldurchgang zugeschaltet werden.

The first half of the dissertation deals with the problem of learning from demonstration, which consists in generalizing the behavior of an expert demonstrator based on observation data.

Dissertationens and habilitations Utz, Thomas: Further information on the process of promotion and publication can be found on the website of Department II.

Space-Time Discretization of Maxwell’s Equations in the Setting of Geometric Algebra

Please inform yourself about the special regulations in your department. On the basic phenomena of acoustic wave generation and dynamics in compressible shear flows. Special attention is payed to the modeling of the evaporative heat dissedtation in the vicinity of the moving 3-phase contact line. Abgeschlossen wird diese Dissertation mit sowohl einer theoretischen, als auch einer praktischen Evaluierung der hier vorgestellten Techniken.

While the hydrodynamics of an impinging droplet have been studied extensively in the past, the heat transfer to the droplet during the impingement process in the non-isothermal case is not yet fully understood, in particular if evaporation comes into play.

In this darmtsadt a FIT-like discretisation of Maxwell’s equations is performed directly in four-dimensional space-time using the mathematical formalism of Clifford’s Geometric Algebra.

ulb darmstadt dissertation

This is necessary to achieve a high number of test series because the use of power transformers is limited and not economical. We will be happy to advise you on the topics of first and second publications, author ID and open access. A successful attempt to alter the geometry of silicon-based ceramic nanowires by means of anodic alumina dissertatlon size tailoring has been made.


Evaporation is accounted for at the surface of the droplet. Print Carmstadt Privacy Policy. What should the printed copies look like? An alternative to the existing approaches formula for the discretisation of material laws on non-orthogonal mesh pairs is derived, investigated and applied. Publishing by ULB 5.

Since then, this area of research has witnessed many new theoretical results and technological advances, which made it possible to realize a large scale of applications using techniques from SMC. An Eulerian discontinuous Galerkin method for the numerical simulation of interfactial transport. We would be happy to advise you! Mohd Nasir, Mohd Nazri: ShakerAachen [Habilitation]Wang, Yongqi: At the same darmstadh the detailed information provided by the simulation are employed to identify the dominant phenomena governing the heat transfer during the entire impingement process.

Secure Computations on Non-Integer Values. Sensors tests showed the superior performance of indium oxide nanotubes to that of the unformed spherical particles, synthesised from the same parent material.

These algorithms typically tend to be numerically unstable, since they require computations on decreasingly small probabilities. It can be a one-sided or a double-sided print.