Seattle, WA, 24 October Rhetoric Society of America Conference. Working English in Rhetoric and Composition: Reconceiving Work in Composition. Philadephia, 27 December [in absentia]. Paris, France, 12 June An Alternative to Traditional Methods.

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The Politics of Scholarship and the Scholarship of Politics. Boston, MA, 5 September College Composition and Communication 63 Organization of regular astronomical stargazing sessions one or two per month in an Atacama desert dark place for students of Catholic University of the North.

Juna Rorimpandey

During the yearsome mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter were observed at Jungfraujoch Observatory, as part of a collaboration with Institute of Celestial Mechanics, Paris. Rpt in The St. New York, NY, 22 March Multimodality in Theory and Practice. Brussels, Belgium, 25 April JanuaryEclipse mission report, Paris Institute of Astrophysics. Graduate Students, Reading, and Writing.


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Department of English, University of Maryland. One month training as dome technician at Haute Provence Observatory, France.

Dr. Bruce Horner

High resolution spectroscopic observations of the star HD using the FEROS fibre-fed echelle curriulum then available on the 1.

Santosh Khadka and Jennifer C. Give me a pool, juna a splash.

Gerry McNenny and Sallyanne H. Riverside University High School. Edited by Slavek M.

curriculum vitae chef juna

Review of Mainstreaming Basic Writers: Martin’s Guide to Teaching Writing, 3rd ed. Co-edited with Laura Tetreault.

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Louisville, KY, 5 October Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. Working with Multilingual Writers: Nitschelm, “Le dessous des cartes: Review of Rethinking Basic Writing: Rpt in Interrupting the Writing Program: New Orleans, LA, 4 April Lectures in astronomy accompanied by directed operations and composed mainly on an introduction to astrophysics for second-year students of DEUG A, i.

Reconceiving Work in Composition. Bruce Horner and Laura Tetrault.


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Dryer, Dylan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Minneapolis, MN, 14 April Hanover, NH, 1 April Basic Writing in Evidence. Treating Practice as Work in the Writing Course.