P4 CPS – Edition and earlier. You can be alerted on these via the email address you provide at registration or simply drop us an email at sales onsponge. Need a tutor to help with your child’s coaching needs? Essential Problem Solving Skills. Margaret’s Primary School St. P4 CPS – Edition and earlier.

You may want to click on the following to learn more about thinkingMath, check out upcoming workshops and get homework help! Thank you once again. Later, he provided professional training to large corporations in Australia on best work practices and computer programming. P5 CPS – Edition and earlier. To return to the onSponge home page click here. For on-line orders placed through www.

Mr Rogers brings his extensive experience in electronic media and information technology to the ThinkingMath onSponge programme where he combines his experience in teaching, mathematics and information technology.

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P5 CPS – Edition and earlier. The answer booklet is available online. For schools sllving the EPSS books in class, the teachers will receive the answer booklet for reference. Please enter a valid email address. Why do I need to enter my child’s details when requesting the solutions to the book? Anthony’s Primary School St.

essential problem solving skills onsponge p6

Anthony’s Canossian Primary School St. This new series raises the benchmark for supplementary primary school math books by introducing: Her patience, warmth and dedication to her classes have also encouraged her pupils to gain confidence in themselves and to excel in Mathematics.


P5 CPS – Edition and later. You can simply download the PDF copy and print as required for your own personal use.

Topical approach in accordance to MOE syllabus. Onspongge CPS – Edition and later. For P5 students, we have also provided alternative solutions for Chapters 2.

essential problem solving skills onsponge p6

By entering your email address below and selecting your preferences for updates, onSponge will notify you of any changes or updates to the errata. Please enter a valid phone number using numbers only. Workshops Posted in Learn Make it an enriching month of June for your child.

With distinctions in Solging throughout her academic years, she aspires to pass on her love and passion for Mathematics to her pupils. Beyond the academics, Mr Rogers has been teaching youth in various activities for more than 25 years with the vast majority based around sports including netball, football, and sailing.

With his onspong, caring yet firm leadership and teaching style, he is well respected by his colleagues and the parents he has worked with. In addition, answer booklets will be provided to each student at the request of teachers. How can I get further assistance with the onSponge books or problem sums in general? Onsplnge return to the onSponge home page click here.


The date and timing are shown in the drop down box below. To best achieve that, it is important that we understand more about those students using the books. As seats are limited, register early to avoid disappointment. Her ability in making concepts understood to her pupils comes from her effectiveness both as an educator as well as a counsellor. We have received your request and will revert to you via the email provided on l6 date and timing that you will be attending.

essential problem solving skills onsponge p6

P6 CPS – Edition. While we have asked for your child’s name, this detail oslving not been made manadatory. The Conquer Problem Sums and Essential Problem Solving Skills were developed based on a defined pedagogy and curriculum structured according to the Singapore MOE syllabus as well as the school examination trends observed by the onSponge development team.

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Hilda’s Primary School St. Andrew’s Junior School St. P5 CPS – Edition and earlier.