The right to adequate standard of living with specific focus on the right to adequate housing: However, it lacks clarity as to time of payment and whether the loss or damage concerns only actual damage or includes consequential and severance damages. In these days, therefore, business organizations are getting momentum in every sector of the economy. After the fall of the military regime in , the Transitional Government of Ethiopia came up with promises for the respect and promotion of human rights and ethnic rights which were later included in the Federal Constitution. An Overview of Conceptual Framework………………………38 3. Although the constitution has guaranteed the right against eviction of farmers from their use right without just cause and payment of commensurate compensation, other laws are criticized for lacking clear enforcement procedures regarding the payment of fair compensation to the farmers.

It is not only the principal and sometimes the only means of generating income for livelihood, but also political, cultural, social as well as psychological asset for its users especially in the rural areas. Different individuals have taken land from the Dukem town and Akaki Woreda Administration for construction of different buildings to be used for plantation of industries and industrial zones, real estate developments such as Abu Dhabi real estate , construction of religious institutions, dwelling houses, hotels and other public utilities such as road and railway. It tries to answer three basic questions: The LLM thesis posted herein above are a good attempts from you quite not enough and keep it up!!!!!!! So, something has to be done to limit free riders.

Therefore, the scope of public interest in this proclamation is broader than the former one. For this purpose, secondary sources such as relevant legal literatures, books, laws, articles and journals were analyzed while interviews and field observations were the primary sources employed. Therefore, this research is believed to be unique in that it is sought to fill the gaps in the aforementioned and other previous researches due to their inability to reflect the current reality and their weak focus to the issue of examining the laws applicable to compensation for rural land expropriation in the Oromia regional state by backing the theoretical frameworks with application of laws in their actual spirit.

The research was undertaken over a period of four months. It also provides that substitute land can be given alternatively. Nevertheless, most interviewed displaced peasants have disclosed that they have not been advised to invest in other successful economic activity that could generate incomes to their livelihood.


More over, it will be significant in bridging the gap existed in relation to the lack of understanding on the effectiveness of laws adopted in relation to payment of just compensation for expropriation of rural lands and their practical implementation in Oromia regional state.

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Is this amount adequate? Some important property rights such as the right to claim compensation for immovable in the regional state are not clearly provided. The main purpose of compensation, as per this theory, is to reinstate the owner of the expropriated property in the same economic position at the time when the property was taken.

This is chunk amount of money when compared to the compensation paid to the displaced farmers.

Land Acquisition thesls Developing Countries: Some dispossessed farmers have challenged the effort of the public officials dadis they have rights over their money and no one may obey them to do that or this with their personal property although they have been explicitly told that they should be given rehabilitation support with the money they received as compensation for their landholding right terminated once and for all.

E Ndjovu, Compulsory Purchase in Tanzania. Different individuals have taken land from the Dukem town and Akaki Woreda Administration for construction of different buildings to be used for plantation of industries and industrial zones, real estate developments such as Abu Dhabi real estateconstruction of religious institutions, dwelling houses, hotels and other public utilities such as road and railway. Complaints and Appeals in Relation to Compensation…………………………… If the original land is barren hills and has no revenues, it usually will not be compensated.

For instance, until G. If not, what rights do dispossessed landholders have to compensation for interests lost as a result of expropriation of landholding rights?

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The desire towards having the best standards in goods and services is progressively increasing. Nonetheless, in relation to plant variety protection, the TRIPS Agreement purports to deviate from the one size fits all approach by permitting Members either to use patent, or an effective sui generis system or a combination thereof.


This is mainly connected with the general economic development of the country and with the ways of life of the peasants than the amount of compensation paid in practice. Since the Constitutions left the details for the relevant subsidiary laws, it is worthwhile to see how the issue of public purpose is treated under the current rural land administration and use proclamations in addition to those mentioned in the foregoing discussions in one way or another.

llm thesis addis ababa university

All these problems are reflected in various sectors. Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity and Genocide in Africa: Quisumbing, Compensation in Land Reform Cases: On the other hand, it is argued that investment as a source of revenue needs due attention. The main procedure to be followed in accordance with Proclamation No. While potentially devastating to individuals, the power is also necessary in a functioning society.

The legal basis of reparation claim for climate change damage under international law: The rural population does not read published government gazettes that are not widely circulated.

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The Constitution of Oromia does not recognize the existence and the distinct identity of ethnic minority groups in this region though the population census indicates that there are almost all dispersed ethnic groups in this region. Public Purpose as a limitation on the power of Expropriation……………………………. If i not make work on u can u send me paper done on federalism and right to movement,residence and employment Loading Any exploitation of the work without such permission or remuneration is ababw an infringement of the copyright law which the violator punishable by law and attracts various civil and some criminal penalties.

General Objectives The basic objective of this research is to examine the laws applicable to compensation of rural land expropriation in Oromia regional state in one hand, and the adequacy and fairness of the amount of compensation both theoretically and practically, on the other.

Judicial enforcement of human rights through regional economic communities: