Humanities teach human values. Smundhra says 3 years ago. The poem reflects the misplaced values of class, status and sometimes mediocre values held by certain so-called educated individuals in India. In the poem The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel, how is the description of the professor’s family ironical? The poem consists of a single stanza having 35 lines. He even asks his student how many issues he has. Aaron Anish says 3 years ago.

What is the summary of the poem The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel? Direct transfer of Indian grammar to English. The professor, like many Indian mindsets, is only bothered about position, status and wealth. Answered Mar 13, A common Indian misconception. That is good joke. Now I am retired, though my health is good.

We had better read poem than that of this tedious, unfolded, unuseful summary. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This year I am sixty-nine and hope to score a century.

Yet, at the same time the professor mocks himself because he is truly not keeping up in sentiment with the “times” or changing as indicated by his awkward speech and circuitous phrases, as well as his admission that he rarely goes out.

Again, quite humourous lines used by most of the Indians. If you are coming again this side by chance, Visit please my humble residence also.


Summary of The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel – Beaming Notes

Again he reverts back to himself. According to him, all his children are well-settled in life now. Life is a cricket match, it seems. The professor then talks about professorr grandchildren who according to him are 11 in number.

Thank u tje much. Wow this poem is like a short story and tells us about a conversation of a teacher and student Report Reply. Now The horror begins here.

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The Professor – Nissim Ezekiel – Department of English

In an effort to seem urbane and modern, the old professor mimics the “conventional wisdom” of the new thinking, How many issues you have? Smundhra says 3 years ago. By God’s grace, all my children Are well settled in life. Our progress is progressing Old values are going, new values are coming. The poem mocks the fact that the changing trend of smaller families requires the grudging approval of such elders.

The Professor – Poem by Nissim Ezekiel

Then he mentions nissom his third son whom he considers as the black sheep of the family. This is an Autonomous, Self efficient site solely built by you.


Hope this suggestion is considered ASAP. The professor begins boasting about himself and about his sons and sons-in-law. What is the summary of the poem The New Comer? The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Professor feels validated at being wealthier than his orofessor.

the professor by nissim ezekiel essay

Anonymous 25 July at Ironically, he comes to the former student to brag, essy instead he reveals himself as a man whom progressive thinking has left behind as he lives “just on opposite house’s backside.

Shane says 2 years ago.

the professor by nissim ezekiel essay

I am Professor Sheth. In India, like nissin countries all over the world, the previous generations had large families. The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel is a satirical poem written in the form of a conversation between a professor and his student.

He has written poems on varied themes based on his keen observances of human beings. Old values are been replaced by new values. According to him, he will turn 69 that year and hopes to cross years.