Define yourself by what you love. Happiness is like an orgasm. Yet according to you the numbers were fiddled. Better than cleaning toilets and slightly more intellectually rewarding. By the way, while I have science and arts grads in front of me: The idea that many Australians — including our new PM and my distant cousin Nick — believe that the science of anthropogenic global warming is controversial, is a powerful indicator of the extent of our failure to communicate. Sadhguru How to Control Your Destiny.

We value your contribution. Anyone who thinks the IPCC have any credibility now has the intelligence of poultry. It should be noted that a Digital Rectal Examimation, just for the feint hearted, does not involve an electronic device like an iPhone being used. I am inspired by Tim Minchin. Hero of the Week: Another reason for rectal examination is for investigation into rectal bleeding which can be caused by haemorrhoids or an anal fiisure If the blood is quite red then it is most likely a fissure or piles, but if the blood has a darker colour then it may emanate from higher in the intestinal tract and be symptomatic of bowel cancer.

Andy October 2, at 4: We tend to generate false dichotomies and then try to argue one point using two entirely different sets of assumptions, like two tennis players trying to win a match by hitting beautifully subtitpes shots from either end of separate tennis courts. An arts grad with no knowledge of science or the scientific method, who looks like his hair might house a sjbtitles almost extinct species yet to be discovered by scientists, surrounded by sycophantic academics who are proud that their most famous grad is a comedian, so they gave him a dLittt.


Of course this should be of no concern. Only a desperate fool would suggest it.

Tim Minchin – an inspirational speech to graduates

This stunt must have been incredibly hard to pull off. It is the direct insertion of a doctors latex clad hand into the chutney locker. Again, suubtitles should seek the advice of a medical professional and not attempt to self-diagnose by consulting Primary Sources of Information Like Like.

You are lucky to be here. Take them out onto the verandah and beat them with a cricket bat. Motivational Videos Inspiring Speeches and Interviews.

Because they are 2 different documents? You could say that the entire IPCC is corrupt and biased. Respect people with less power than you.

Who mentioned a conspiracy? I never really had one of these dreams. Tim Minchin, who is not yet 40, has won worldwide acclaim as a composer, lyricist, comedian, actor and writer. Cancel reply Enter your comment here In the next draft, this diagram has gone and been replaced by one where the discrepancy has gone or graduatoin obfuscated.


That observations fall outside the projection envelope of the AR4 figure is obvious.

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We demand to know!!! Start with the basics.

tim minchin graduation speech subtitles

Similar articles Share this: The guys writing it change stuff to suit their needs after the expert reviewers have left the building. Note that in the AR4 the uncertainty range was explicitly estimated for the end of the 21st century results.

tim minchin graduation speech subtitles

You don’t need to know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. I am inspired by Tim Minchin. Anyone who thinks the IPCC have any credibility now has the intelligence of poultry.

Be pro-stuff, not just anti-stuff. News media should check press releases from anti-fluoridationists Fluoridation debate: B1, A1B subttles A2.

tim minchin graduation speech subtitles

I will judge you on how you treat the least powerful. Be demonstrative and generous in your praise of those you admire. A famous bon mot asserts that opinions are like arse-holes, in that everyone has one. Andy October 2, at 9: Ken October 2, at 9: